A £1 daily parking charge will be introduced from July at each of the five Cambridge Park and Ride sites.

The charge was agreed as part of Cambridgeshire County Council's budget setting as each year the authority has to find around £one million to run the sites.

The £1 charge applies to any motorist who park at each of the five sites - Babraham Road, Madingley Road, Milton, Newmarket Road and Trumpington.

The £1 charge will allow motorists to park for between 1 and 18 hours. The first hour is free to allow people to drop off or pick up bus passengers or to collect purchases from the John Lewis distribution centre at Trumpington.

The new arrangements also allow for better enforcement of disabled bays to stop people using them who do not have blue badges.

There will be no barriers and the ticket does not need to be displayed in the vehicle. The system uses cameras that have automatic number plate recognition on entrances and exits to check who has paid to park. Therefore making it easy and simple for customers of the Park and Ride site.

Daily tickets can be purchased from ticket machines outside the main buildings on the sites. Discounted ticket deals can be purchased online or using mobile phones.

Parking for longer than 18 hours will be allowed but the following charges will apply

"¢ Between 18 and 24 hours  £10
"¢ Between 24 and 48 hours  £20
"¢ Between 48 and 72 hours  £30

More details will be released closer to the July start.


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