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Image of Molly and Emily, winners of the Recyclables Summer Challenge

Molly (right) and her twin sister Emily (left) with their Recyclables Summer Challenge prizes

Winner of The Recyclables Summer Challenge Molly P., in Year 3 at Milton CofE Academy, offered her classmates a chance to take a look behind the scenes at the Waste Management Park in Waterbeach and get involved in the making of an animated video on Friday (22 November).

Molly won the first prize in the summer competition with her inspired story of recyclables becoming accessories at a London Fashion Show.

Molly said: “I did love doing the competition because I loved making up the story and by making up the story I now really realise that it is important to recycle. I learnt about recycling and found how I could make clothes out of a plastic bottle and a poster out of a magazine.

“I think recycling is important because it can stop pollution in the air, the land and the sea and it will make our world a happier and safer place to live in.”

Her first prize consisted of her story being made into a video by professional animators, along with a day trip for her and her whole class to the Waste Management Park in Waterbeach.

On the day, the children took part in a recycling workshop and got a tour of the facilities to see recycling in action. They also got involved in the making of the winning video, doing the voice-over and sound effects themselves.

Molly’s twin sister Emily, who was the runner-up in the competition said: “I thought the competition was really good because it is a great way to get more children to think about recycling, so it gives them an idea of what things can turn into.

“Today was great. We got to see how Molly’s film was made and looked around the site, seeing how everything works. Everything was really exciting!”

Molly and Emily were presented with their awards and a framed picture of their character. Molly’s video will be used by Cambridgeshire County Council and RECAP to promote recycling messages in the run-up to Christmas.

Organised by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Partnership (RECAP) and supported by Amey, the Recyclables Summer Challenge took place over the summer. Children in years 3, 4 and 5 were asked to use their wildest imagination to create a story about how four characters – a can, a magazine, a plastic bottle and a jam jar - were recycled and turned into something new. The judging panel consisted of a County Councillor and officers, Breadcrumb Media, Amey Waste Education Centre Officer and local bestselling author Pippa Goodhart.

Bryony Rothwell, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Waste Partnership (RECAP) Manager said: “We really wanted to have a fun campaign to get children to think about why it is important to recycle as much as we can, and to remember that many of the things that are thrown in the recycling bin can be made into something new.

“Molly and Emily responded brilliantly to the challenge with their fabulous and fun stories of recyclables becoming accessories at a London fashion show or a party. It was a great pleasure to see them and their classmates discovering the secrets of the recycling process today and getting involved in the making of the video today.”

Paco Hevia, Amey’s Manager Director for Waste Treatment said: “Amey has been very impressed with the enthusiasm of all the children and how they have engaged with recycling in such a creative and imaginative way. We all know how important it is to recycle and even small steps can make a big difference. I believe that the lessons learned in the competition will further encourage the children and their families to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

The second prize in the Summer Recyclables Challenge was awarded to Meadow Balsham Primary and a class visit will take place on 2 December.

Watch Molly's winning video

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