Free to use public bike pumps and additional cycle racks have been installed at Busway stops in Cambridgeshire to help encourage even more people to hop on their bicycle.

Public bike pumps have been installed at Swavesey and St Ives Guided Busway stops while additional cycle racks have been put at Longstanton and Swavesey stops.

The pumps are being trialled by Cambridgeshire County Council to help cyclists at these two key locations on the Busway which see thousands of cycle journeys.

A further pump is also due to be installed in Cambridge City Centre in the near future, close to the entrance to the Tourist Information Office on Peas Hill.

Should the pumps prove popular more will be installed at strategic locations in Cambridge and along main commuter routes into the city. The racks were installed following a review of current and future predicted usage levels of cycle storage facilities at locations along the Busway.

Funding for the pumps has been provided by the Department for Transport's Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF). This is a programme aimed at "˜Getting Cambridgeshire to work' by providing sustainable transport infrastructure and is also part of the on-going work to boost cycling levels around the county.

In return, the expected results are improved levels of public health and less traffic congestion on highways in and around Cambridge. Properly inflated tyres also help with cycle safety.

Councillor Noel Kavanagh, the County Council's cycling champion, said: "Similar projects in Bristol and London have proved to be very popular with cyclists. The two locations have been carefully selected for an initial experimentation period before we consider rolling out the scheme to a much wider area."

"We are also looking into obtaining sponsorship from local private investors to help provide for the on-going maintenance of the pumps and for installing new pumps. Such an approach may be feasible at prime business locations, such as the Cambridge Science Park."

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Ed Cearns, Local Member for Market, Cambridge, said: "Cambridge is the cycling capital of the UK and without people using their bikes the city would grind to a halt. I am glad we have installed these new pumps which hopefully will encourage even more people to cycle. Cycling gets cars off the road, people fitter and the City keeps moving."

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