Queen Adelaide traffic study proposals set to be discussed

Councillors are set to discuss the results of the Queen Adelaide level crossing traffic study next week (8 February) at the Economy and Environment Committee.

The proposals include agreeing not to support any measures which restrict traffic flow over the crossings following local feedback, exploring opportunities with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority to fund the options development for a road solution and ensure that local people are not inconvenienced by the proposed rail improvements that are for wider regional and national rail benefits.

There is a wider aspiration to see an increase in train services to improve connectivity and in order to do this Network Rail and Cambridgeshire County Council needed to look at the impact more trains would have on the level crossings and the traffic flows.

A traffic study was commissioned using traffic surveys and transport modelling to look at the current and future situation and investigate the possibility of reducing traffic and road infrastructure solutions including potential changes to the level crossings.

The study also included a public engagement event, held last year, and involved an initial conversation with local residents and businesses, in advance of any proposals, to understand more about the way they use the roads and three level crossings.

The report, set to be discussed at committee, recommends that more work is done on developing options which include a bridge over the Peterborough line and constructing a bypass north of Queen Adelaide.

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Chair of the Economy and Environment Committee, Councillor Ian Bates said: “We welcome the work of the Combined Authority to develop some of the proposals in more detail. These sorts of decisions are never taken lightly and we wanted to conclude the traffic study and speak to the people and businesses in Queen Adelaide, Prickwillow and Ely before considering anything.

“We realise many people have concerns around the potential changes to the level crossings, but I hope it is clear as a result of the study further work will now be done to develop options for a road bridge solution.”

Funding for rail or road infrastructure works have not been confirmed and before any works were carried out in the area a much wider statutory consultation would take place.

Map of Queen Adelaide