Within our Cambridgeshire Archives we hold microfilm copies of R.A.F. Operations Record Books for squadrons operating from airfields in our county during the Second World War.

These are amongst the most informative and useful of all the public records created by the R.A.F. during the war, especially for detailed studies of operations. They provide a daily record of events in each squadron, including names of all aircrew on operation, times of take-off and landing, and reports of the action of the day. The reports were written on forms for ˜Summary of Events' and ˜Detail of Work Carried Out', which each squadron was required to keep for the Air Ministry. The original records are held at the National Archives in Kew, with the reference AIR 27.

Most of the squadrons in Cambridgeshire were part of Bomber Command's no.2, no.3 and no.8 (Pathfinder) Groups, and Fighter Command's no.12 Group. The fighter squadrons in particular moved airfield regularly and therefore the dates given in the list below are only approximate.

You can see these in Cambridgeshire Archives at Shire Hall, find our opening hours here.  

ALCONBURY: 40 Squadron, February 1941-Feb 1942 (AIR27/412, microfilm reel 3); 156 Squadron, Feb-Aug 1942 (AIR27/1041; microfilm reel 14)

BASSINGBOURN: 104 Squadron, May 1938-Sep 1939 (AIR27/821, microfilm reel 7); 108 Squadron, May 1938 “ Sep 1939 (AIR27/849, microfilm reel 11); 21 Squadron, Sep 1939-Oct 1939 (AIR27/263, microfilm reel 2); 215 Squadron, Sep 1939 “ Feb 1942 (AIR27/1329, microfilm reel 16); 35 Squadron, Dec 1939, Oct 1942-Dec 1944 (AIR27/379 - 381, microfilm reels 2, 4)

BOTTISHAM: 268 Squadron, Apr 1941-May 1943 (AIR27/1563, microfilm reel 18); 241 Squadron, July 1941-May 1942 (AIR27/1465, microfilm reel 16); 168 Squadron, Jun-Nov 1942 (AIR27/1093, microfilm reel15); 652 Squadron, Jun-Dec 1942 (AIR27/2170, microfilm 21); 654 Squadron, Nov 1942-Feb 1943 (AIR27/2172, microfilm reel 21); 4 Squadron, Feb-Jul 1943 (AIR27/48, microfilm reel 1)

BOURN: 101 Squadron, 11 Feb 1942-Aug 1942 (AIR27/802, microfilm reel 7); 15 Squadron, Aug 1942-Apr 1943 (AIR27/203, microfilm reel 2); 97 Squadron, Apr 1943-Apr 1944 (AIR27/767-8, microfilm reel 7); 105 Squadron, June 1945- Dec 1945, AIR27/827-8, microfilm reels 6); 162 Squadron, Dec 1944-May 1945 (AIR27/1071-2, microfilm reel 15)

CAMBRIDGE: 2 Squadron, August 1940-January 1941 (AIR27/19, microfilm reel 1); 26 Squadron, Aug1940-Oct 1940 (AIR27/317, microfilm reel 2)

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