This is the last chance for residents of Cherry Hinton to have their say on draft proposals to improve Cherry Hinton High Street before the consultation closes on Sunday, 29 March.

Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge City Council are working together to improve the layout, look and feel of the High Street.

Possible improvements include: widening the existing cycle lanes to 1.5m along both sides of the road; changing the mini-roundabouts to raised T junctions and new on-road bus stops. It also includes improvements to Rectory Terrace; the creation of a "˜shared surface' by the shops and the removal of unnecessary signs, railings and cycle lay-bys.

Suggestions to improve the Robin Hood junction are also encouraged prior to a separate consultation on the junction, which the County Council is looking to upgrade in 2016/7.

The aim of these draft proposals is to increase road safety as well as making variety of visual and practical improvements along the length of the High Street which will make the area a more attractive place to live and work. Details are available online at and leaflets have been delivered to over 2,000 households.

The proposals are outlined in two phases. Phase 1 indicates what the Councils could do with the money available at the moment and phase 2 suggests further improvements, which would be possible with more funding.

County Councillor Sandra Crawford said: "We need residents to share their views with the Council officers to improve the High Street and make it a safer and more attractive area for everyone."

City Councillor Carina O'Reilly, Executive Councillor for City Centre and Public Places said "The best way to get a scheme that residents really want and like is to make sure that as many people as possible have their say. I'd say to the people of Cherry Hinton: bury us in responses!"

For the last week of the consultation period, some of the displays used at the events will be available at Cherry Hinton library. The consultation runs until 29 March, 2015.

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