This weekend there will be further work taking place at the Histon to Cambridge bound stop on The Busway.

The work requires a full closure of The Busway at this stop in both directions from midnight on Friday 29 January until 5am on Monday 1 February. Passengers will be able to catch their bus at the replacement stop on Cambridge Road outside Anglia Fireplaces.

The A and C Services will re-join the Busway through Orchard Park picking up at all stops on the way in and out. The B service will pick up at the first stop after Kings Hedges Road on Histon Road on the way into Cambridge. On the way out it will pick up/drop off at the stop at the top of Kings Hedges road on Histon Road.

The maintenance track will also remain open to pedestrians and cyclists throughout the weekend.
Stop closed signs will be placed at the Histon stop and information signs at the Orchard Park stop.


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