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As a County Council, we have a responsibility to maintain the grass verges along the majority of Cambridgeshire’s roads which we do through our grass cutting programme during the summer months.

As overhanging hedges or bushes usually belong to a private individual or landowner, this does not fall under the programme.

We will go out and inspect reports of overhanging bushes or trees to see if it is a danger to the public especially if it forces people to walk out into the road or obstructs signs for motorists.

We try to identify the landowner first and ask them to carry out the work. The majority of the time, once a landowner has been made aware of the issue they will carry out the work.

Sometimes it can be dealt with on a local level where the parish council may volunteer to do it if the owner is unable to.

As a last resort the County Council do have powers to enforce landowners to carry out the work, especially if it is a safety issue.

However we will always try to work with the landowner and local community in the first instance.

Members of the public can report an overhanging bush or tree to us, using our online tool on our website where you can see whether a report has been made and what the status of it is.

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