In the week one of SCAM Awareness Month 2017, which Cambridgeshire County Council is taking part in, the focus is on the ‘Life established’ (40s – 60s).

The statistics show that people in the age group between 40 and 60 are the most affected by scams. Part of this is due to the fact that they are most likely to report scams, but recent research has found that certain demographics within this group are being targeted because of their circumstances.

For example, this group tends to be more settled and has access to financial assets. This makes them more likely to be targets of scams such as pension or investment scams, dating scams and property scams.

Cambridgeshire County Council works at a local level to raise awareness of scams to prevent people from falling victim or repeat victims and encourage them to report suspected scams to Action Fraud. We work with the National Trading Standards Scams Team (NTSST) who make referrals to us of known victims so that we can give them support and advice alongside our Police colleagues.

Although the ‘life-established’ are more likelythan other age groups to report scams, only five percent of all scams are reported to the authorities. The Council’s action on scams aims at creating a self-supporting network of confident, alert, consumers who are able to spot, stop and report scams, but also look out for other who might be more vulnerable. 

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Chair of the Communities and Partnership Committee, Councillor Steve Criswell said “Scammers do not discriminate and will contact anyone of any age, race or religion in order to defraud them. Our Strengthening Communities Service are here to support and help victims of frauds, but also raise awareness and prevent residents from becoming a victim.”

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