A scheme to tackle bad parking and dangerous queuing on a March rail crossing as well as freeing up spaces for buses and cyclists is due to start on Tuesday, 22 July.

The day of works will include putting in new yellow lines and parking restrictions around the junction with the entrance to March rail station and the nearby level crossing.

Currently some motorists are queuing on the rails of the level crossing itself while waiting to go around parked cars.

Also buses find it difficult to park beside the bus stop due to parked cars which means they sometimes are forced to block the road also making it difficult for passengers to get on and off.

The new proposals by Cambridgeshire County Council will also see the introduction of an advisory cycle lane travelling into March which should link in the future with further proposed improvements for riders.

Suggestions for improvements have been brought forward following talks including district and town councillors.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Steve Count, Local member for March said: "I am glad that work on this much needed scheme is about to start. I have been campaigning for this for some time and these improvements will help safety around this busy level crossing while still providing on street areas where people can park. This will also mean the bus stop can be used properly and cyclists will also see the benefit of a new lane which I hope to see form part of a wider network in this area in the future."

Matthew Pickering, project manager for Cambridgeshire County Council, said: "We have consulted with the rail industry, the local community and local councils to bring forward this scheme. Works should start on Tuesday, 22 July and take around a day to complete but should make this area much safer and help people get across the crossing rather than queue on it. We apologise for any disruption while we carry out the work."

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