A project that helps people in Cambridgeshire save money, time, and stay healthy by making smarter travel choices for everyday journeys is coming to Huntingdonshire. 

SmartTravel Cambridgeshire, funded through a Central Government grant, is aiming to help people discover more suitable or attractive ways of travelling that they may not have thought possible.

This month, April, Travel Advisors will be visiting households in Huntingdon, Godmanchester and St Ives. Residents will be offered one-to-one advice and information about walking, cycling and public transport in their area.

The scheme was trialled in Ely where 76 per cent of respondents said the project made them more likely to travel more sustainably;

Cambridgeshire County Council has received £5m funding from the Department for Transport to deliver a variety of projects including workplace travel planning, personalised travel planning and school travel planning. 

The Council is also making targeted improvements to local travel facilities aimed at making it more pleasant to walk, cycle and travel by bus and train.

It is part of the County Council's drive to give people better transport choice to improve heath, reduce congestion and boost the economy.

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