Walking in Cambs Wonderland

Take advantage of the Christmas break to walk in the beautiful Cambridgeshire Countryside. Our Right of Ways Officers have suggested a circular route around Histon to Rampton and for more suggestions click here.

Merry Christmas and happy walking! 

Histon to Rampton circular route – great for walkers, cyclists or horse-riders

This is a perfect route for cyclists and horse-riders as it uses long stretches of bridleways and byways, so you will be safely off of the road. At this time of year, however, you might need a good off-road bicycle!

Start and End: Red Lion pub, High Street, Histon

Midway stopping point: Black Horse pub, Rampton

Follow School Lane north-west away from the Red Lion and then turn right on to Bell Hill, which is flanked by the intriguing lodge to Histon Manor. Further up Bell Hill, you can cut to the left through St Andrew’s Churchyard (unless you’re on a bicycle or horse – in which case continue on the road). After the church, take Cottenham Road until you see a sign for a bridleway towards Gun’s Lane and Rampton. The bridleway is bordered by trees and hedgerows which offer a bit of a wind-cheat, and you may spot some Muntjac deer in the fields if you’re lucky.  Eventually cross the Oakington-Cottenham road and join the byway which continues towards Rampton. Before long, you will go over a slight rise in the land, which affords a panoramic view on the left towards the growing new town of Northstowe. Keep following the byway alongside some deep field drains until you reach King Street, Rampton. Take King Street up as far as the picturesque village green and keep an eye out for the Black Horse which is along the High Street on the left. This is an excellent re-fuelling stop, which also serves a delicious Sunday roast (do check the opening times, as the pub does close for a period in the winter).

Having refreshed at the pub, re-trace your steps along King Street and head south out of the village the way you came in. Just as you’re passing the last few houses, take a different byway to the right. This one is signed towards Longstanton – you’ll have passed it on your way earlier. Soon you will reach the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, which is built on the former Cambridge to St Ives branch railway.  Here, there is an information board with some history of the railway line.  Alongside the busway there is a wide tarmac bridleway, which is especially good for cyclists who will have plenty of space to get their speed up after miles of muddy byways (please beware of other users of the path)! Follow the bridleway to the left, keeping the busway and Northstowe development on your right. Northstowe is being built on a former WWII airfield site, and the old ‘pillbox’ defences can be spotted along the edge of the site - these are now listed buildings due to their unusual design. Follow this bridleway all the way back to Histon, crossing a road at Oakington on the way, where you should be able to spot the sheep and cows grazing on the Westwick Hall estate. When you reach New Road, Histon, follow the road to the left (there is a safe off-road cycle path and footway) and back into the village. Before too long you’ll reach the Red Lion again, where you’ll be able to round-off the journey with a well-deserved drink and maybe a mince pie!