A ground-breaking Wisbech wide time credit scheme has launched adding spice to volunteering in the town.

People volunteering for Spice Time Credits can give their time to help their community and in return they can receive time credits to spend on activities, events and leisure services.

The Wisbech initiative is the first time such a scheme has been introduced in Cambridgeshire and follows a successful pilot last year in the town.  The pilot recruited around 130 volunteers contributing 1300 hours of time to help their community. 

The launch involved volunteers sharing skills by running arts and crafts workshops in Somers Car Park, an arts project to draw a Wisbech hero at the Horsefair and a special event in the afternoon for local people, volunteers, local businesses, venues, community organisations and groups where they can find out more about the programme.

People using the scheme can help their community by giving their time to projects and organisations and as a thank you receive time credits. These can be used to access events, training and leisure services, such as The Light Cinema, Elgoods Gardens and New Vision Fitness Centre or to trade time with neighbours. The programme is being run by Spice, a social enterprise specialising in time credits and is funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and CHS Group. The scheme will also be rolled out across the county over the next three years.

The scheme would like to hear from local organisations and volunteers as they may be able to benefit from the scheme. For more information about Spice Time Credits and to take part, contact Annie Moulds on 07429 438383 or email [email protected]

Annie Moulds, Cambridgeshire Time Credits Facilitator for Spice in Wisbech, said "It's great to have launched Time Credits in Wisbech. The scheme is a great way to recognise volunteers for all they give to their communities in terms of time, skills and value.  The pilot last year was really successful and involved 130 volunteers who generously gave 1300 hours of their time getting things done where they lived. We will be working hard to make time credits a success in Wisbech so it can benefit volunteers and the local area. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the scheme."

Wendy Lansdown, Community Engagement Programme Manager, said: "Time Credit schemes have been shown to have a real impact on communities throughout the country where they've been introduced. They mobilise volunteers to help improve where they live and to make their communities more vibrant. We are delighted to launch the Time Credits programme in Wisbech working in partnership with Spice Innovations and CHS Group. "

Other partners involved include the Orchards Primary School, the Ferry Project, Wisbech Children Centres and the Spinney Adventure Playground.

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