Urgent works are set to start on the Sixteen Foot Drain to prevent a section of the embankment near Stonea slipping into the water and collapsing the road.

Part of the bank has already slipped (pictured) and to carry out the vital works as quickly and safely as possible it will be necessary to close part of the road near Stonea.

Over the last months large cracks have appeared in the road and temporary repairs made in readiness for the full repair scheme to be carried out.

This has also been agreed with Network Rail who also want the crossing shut while the repairs are completed.

The works, being carried out by Cambridgeshire County Council, will include sheet piling along a section of the bank. The large equipment being used means that other vehicles would find it hard and unsafe to pass and large vehicles become stuck at the crossing with no way of turning around.

While on site we will be taking the opportunity to resurface the road, improve signs and lines in the area and undertake any other works that are required.

Access will be kept open to businesses in the area, including the Golden Lion pub at the crossing. Access to this area will be signed.

From June 9 the road along the Sixteen Foot will be closed for 24 hours a day for around three weeks.

The diversion will be (B1093) Manea Road, Wimblington; (A141) Wimblington bypass; (B1101) Wimblington Road and The Avenue, March; (B1099) St Peter's Road and Upwell Road, March "“ and vice versa.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council, said: "Closing a road is a last resort for us and we want to apologise for any disruption this causes. But this is vital repair work that if left could result in the bank and road collapsing into the water. Due to the size of the machinery, materials and workforce so close to the water on a narrow road it would be unsafe for the public if we kept the road open. However, we are keen to highlight that customers of businesses in the area, such as the Golden Lion pub, can still access them. This will be signed as access will be only from one part of the closure. While the road is closed we will also carry out any other works that need doing in this area to avoid further disruption to residents and road users."

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