Walk Local - Walk Buggy, a new initiative to help people keep healthy, was launched today, Monday, 30 June at Cherry Hinton Hall.

It is a joint enterprise between Cambridgeshire County Council and the Department of Health promoting the health benefits of walking in your local area.

Based at Cherry Hinton and Cambridge North Children's Centres, Walk Buggy aims to show how easy it is for young families to explore their local parks and nature reserves to encourage them to spend free family time there.

The funding from the Department of Health provides for a Wild Play Leader to lead family groups from the Children's Centre to their local park/green space where they will then be shown how to find wildlife through a Wild Play session.

Walk Local is a Department of Health funded project , to encourage and facilitate local people to walk more for utility, recreational and health purposes. 

Walk Local will be delivered across the Greater Cambridge Cycle City area, capitalising on the new cycling infrastructure planned for this area and successful walking schemes.

There are five main workstreams:

*             Walk Buggy "“ an innovative programme based in Children's Centres

*             Walk Health "“ an accompaniment to current Exercise Referral Schemes available through local GP Practices

*             Walk Work "“ building on the Cambridgeshire Travel for Work Partnership

*             Walk School "“ motivating children to walk to school and spark change in healthy attitudes and behaviours

*             Walk Aware "“ promoting walking as a physical activity across the whole of the Greater Cambridge area

The project runs for two years from April 2013 "“ March 2015

Liz Robin, Director of the Public Health Team at the County Council said; "Walking is recognised as an effective way for increasing physical activity and as a result improve people's health and wellbeing through engaging in a "˜natural health service'.

Cllr Kilian Bourke, Chair of the County Council's Health Committee said; "There is huge natural synergy between local government and public health and bringing them together is allowing the County Council to use its existing services to promote healthiness in many ways."

"Walk Buggy is an excellent way for families to get fit and spend some quality time together without having to travel too far to do so. As the service is provided through Children's Centres it is easy to access and allows us to target people who can be harder to reach."

"This is just one of a range of 'natural health service' initiatives that bring together in innovative ways the County Council's resources in public health, children's services and community engagement. We hope to build on this approach and increasingly seek to build healthiness into our local communities."

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