Two more markets have signed up to be part of the ˜Real Deal™; an initiative to keep consumers safe and offering genuine, reliable goods.

Huntingdonshire District Council - the organisers of St Ives and Huntingdon markets “ are amongst the first in the county to sign the Real Deal national charter confirming their commitment to safe and fair trading. They have worked with Trading Standards Officers at Cambridgeshire County Council™s Supporting Businesses and Communities Service to pledge to continue to ensure that fake goods and other illicit items are not sold on their markets.

Launch events will take place at the markets on 16 June in St Ives and 18 June in Huntingdon.

Elaine Matthews from Cambridgeshire County Council™s Supporting Businesses and Communities Service said "Markets bring many economic and social benefits to our local communities. They provide bargains for shoppers, lively attractions for families and visitors, and an environment for legitimate, local businesses to trade successfully. We™re proud that another market operator within our county has declared their commitment to being free of fake and unsafe goods by signing up to the Real Deal campaign."

Councillor Darren Tysoe, Executive Councillor for Environment said "Huntingdonshire District Council is committed to offering choice and value to customers at the markets in St Ives and Huntingdon. Signing up to the Real Deal offers the customer additional peace of mind that the goods they are buying are safe and fake-free."

Officers at Cambridgeshire™s Supporting Businesses and Communities service are continuing to look for more markets across the county to sign the charter and expect that the easy-to-recognise Real Deal brand will see consumers choosing to shop where they know they can do so with confidence and shunning those that won™t commit to the Real Deal standards.

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