Work on a £300,000 cycleway to improve safety and encourage more people on their bikes began earlier this week on Arbury Road, Cambridge.

Over the past 5 years there have been 21 accidents along Arbury Road including one fatal. Of the 21 some 14 included bicycles.

The improvements will also improve and make access to St Laurence's Primary School safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Works include new wider footways and raised cycle lanes which were designed in consultation with local people and businesses.

The phase one improvements are part of a response to poor cycling facilities and feed into a much larger project for Arbury Road to improve access and safety for people to travel to local facilities and employment.

To make sure the work is done as quickly and safely as possible the road will be closed between St Catherine's Road and St Albans Road for 24 hours a day until 2 September.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Fiona Onasanya, said: "I welcome the new cycleway and path which will not only better cycling facilities but also improve access and safety.  The improved access to St Laurence's Primary School is in line with consultation responses and will make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.  We also hope it will help cut down on congestion by encouraging people to walk and cycle"

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Paul Sales said: "Improvements like this cycleway and path can make a really difference to people and their quality of life. It not only encourages people to use other means to get around other than driving but it helps lower pollution and encourages physical activity. This initiative will also separate cars from cyclists, which can improve safety."

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