Reach Out and reduce loneliness

Age UK estimates that a million people go a month without talking to another person.

Research also shows that loneliness is as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, or obesity.

Older people in care homes can be lonely, if they are not having meaningful social interactions. People living with family be lonely, if they want a different kind of social interaction. And people living in bustling cities can still be lonely.

Reach Out for support yourself

Connect with the world around you

Make the most of the social contact you do have, however small, and keep in touch as much as possible by phone and computer. Cambridgeshire libraries have 'computer buddies' who can help you to develop computer skills, and show you how to connect with friends and family through email, or social media. If you’re spending time alone, activities such as keeping a journal or meditation can prove calming.

Get involved

Getting out and about with local community activities can help you to fill your diary, meet people, and make friends, and learn or do something new.

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