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For many of us, as we get older or our situation changes, we have to think about our home and where we live.

Most people want to stay in their own home for as long as possible and there is a range of things that can help us to do that, such as:

  • adapting your home; e.g. changing from a bath to a shower
  • making use of equipment to help you and to feel safer
  • getting help with cleaning or gardening
  • using more ready meals
  • considering if some personal care would help.

There are a lot of practical steps you can take to help you remain in control as well as places to go to get information and services that can offer support.

Help around the house

You could think about employing a local cleaner, gardener or handyperson but make sure that they are reliable and trusted.

Domiciliary care agencies don't just provide personal care services. For a fee, they can also help with domestic chores, even if you don't need personal support. Search NHS Choices to find a provider near you and check that they meet national standards.

A mobile hairdresser visits you in your own home. They usually advertise locally or can be found by searching the Internet. You could telephone a local salon to see if they can do home appointments or you could contact a sheltered housing scheme in your area as they might be aware of someone. Most mobile hairdressers have both men and women as customers.

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