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Care costs

The Council does not own any care homes or manage any domiciliary care agencies. These are run by private companies, who set their own prices. Care homes and care agencies are regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Whether you are paying for all or part of your care, you will want to know how much this will cost.

Care fees are highly variable so it is important that you shop around and compare the prices for the care and support you require. These checklists can help you.

The cost of care can be affected by many things, such as:

  • Your individual care and support needs
  • Whether you pay for your care yourself or if the Council contributes to the cost
  • Availability of places
  • Current demand for placement
  • Geographic location
  • The Care Quality Commission rating of the provider

Choice of accommodation and the savings threshold

If you pay for your own care (often referred to a self-funder), you will need to be aware of what may occur when you reach the financial savings threshold (£23,250 for 2016/17), as this could affect your care home placement.

We will carry out an assessment to find out your needs and you will be required to complete a financial assessment to determine if the Council will be making a contribution to the cost of your care and how much that will be. If you do not complete the financial assessment you will be responsible for continuing to meet all of your care costs.

We will try to arrange placement in the home of your choice, however, this will be subject to:

  • the home chosen being suitable to meet your assessed needs
  • the home not costing more than the local authority would expect to pay for this type of accommodation
  • the provider being willing to enter into a contract on the local authority's usual terms.

If you would prefer to live in a care home that costs more than the local authority would usually expect to pay, we can arrange this, provided that someone else is willing to meet the difference in cost. This is usually known as a third party top-up.


It is important that you consider this if you are currently fully funding your own care. 

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