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Creating your care and support plan

We will work with you to create a care and support plan; what you want to achieve so that you can live as independently as possible. Your care and support plan will set out how your eligible needs will be met.

Completing your care and support plan

We will look at the support available from your family, friends or carers; in your local community, as well as more formal support.

You can do your care and support plan yourself or someone else can help you with it, like your family or friends, a service provider, your Key Worker, or someone can do it for you.

If someone else completes your support plan for you, we will need to be satisfied that they have acted in your best interests.

Planning can be assisted by someone independent of the Council. An independent support planner can help you decide how to meet your needs and how to spend your personal budget. Your Key Worker can give you more information.

What we are responsible for

If you have eligible needs, we will write your initial care and support plan, setting out how the Council will meet your eligible needs and the costs associated with this.

Before getting your plan agreed, your Key Worker will check that it is affordable (within budget), lawful (using money sensibly and within the law), and effective (helps you achieve the outcomes identified in your assessment).

Agreeing your care and support plan

When your initial care and support plan is completed so that it meets your outcomes, takes any risks into account and is considered reasonable in terms of available budget, it can be agreed by us. You will receive a copy of the agreed plan which sets out exactly how your personal budget will be spent.

You have choice and control about how your eligible needs will be met and this plan will be used to inform how we work with you. Any changes may lead to an agreement by the Council that your eligible needs are met in a different way. If the revised care and support plan is not agreed by the Council, we will go back to the initial care and support plan.

Whatever the decision, you will be offered advice and information to meet your individual requirements to prevent or delay your need for care and support in the future.

If your support plan isn’t agreed

If we do not think your care and support plan will help you achieve your outcomes, we will ask you to make changes before it can be agreed. If you have been working with an independent support planner, they will be able to help you with revising your plan.

If your plan hasn’t been agreed because we’re concerned it is not clear, your Key Worker may want to review your assessment.

What to do if you don’t agree with something

If you don’t agree with something, or you’re not happy with the decision made about your care and support plan, please discuss this with your Key Worker.

If you are still not satisfied you can contact the Customer Services to make a complaint.

Setting up your support

Your support can be set up:

  • through Direct Payment, if you want to manage things yourself
  • if we’re managing things for you, we will arrange your support
  • or it can be a combination of both

If you worked with an independent support planner to help you put together your care and support plan they can help you set up your support if you would like them to.

Once your support is in place, your Key Worker will contact you to check how you are doing and if any changes need to be made to your support. We will make sure you have someone to contact in case you have any questions or need any help.

Reviewing your support

We will normally make an appointment with you to review your care and support plan after 6 to 12 weeks to check how things are going and to see if the support you have put in place is meeting your needs, and then carry out a planned review each year. You can invite anyone you think is important to your review, such as your carers, service providers, formal and informal support networks and other agencies or people involved in your care that know you well, and you should let you Key Worker know in advance.

If you have significant difficulty expressing your views and there is no one who can do this for you, your Key Worker can make a referral to an independent advocate if you need someone to speak on your behalf.

Once your review has been completed, and you and your Key Worker both agree with any changes (if needed) and the timescale for the changes to start, you will both need to sign it to say that you agree. If you disagree with the outcome of your review, please contact your Key Worker to discuss the reason why.

You, your carers, the council and service providers can request a review at any time if:

  • your needs have changed
  • the support you have in place no longer meets your needs
  • you may want to make a major change to your care and support plan
  • there are unmanageable risks in your care and support plan
  • the Council requests it

Staying safe

You should feel completely safe while setting up and receiving your support. If you have any concerns about your safety, or you feel someone is making you do something that you do not want to or making you feel uncomfortable, please tell us.

Support and advice

If you need any further support about any stage, you can contact your Key Worker. Alternatively, you can ask for an independent advocate to support you, for example, if you want some advice or support to challenge a decision made at any point, we can put you in touch with someone who can speak up for you. You can speak to Customer Services or your Key Worker.

Key Worker

Your Key Worker is the focal point for you to plan and shape the care and support you need. They are the central point of contact and can help co-ordinate the work of other professionals involved in your assessment and support planning.

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