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When you come out of hospital or have completed your reablement programme you may need some ongoing care and support in your home to help with tasks like washing, dressing, getting food etc. This is often called domiciliary care.

To help you get the support you need as soon as possible, this help can be provided through the Transitions Service. This will put some immediate, but temporary domiciliary care support (usually for up to three weeks) in place while longer term arrangements are made.

The care and support you get will initially be based on the needs that were identified by the Reablement Service or the Hospital Social Care Team when they planned your ongoing care requirements. In the time they are working with you, the Transitions Service will discuss your needs with you and will work to achieve the outcomes you have identified. With your agreement, they may also include your family members and friends in these plans. The aim will be to maximise your independence.

Will I have to pay for my care and support during transition?

If you were already paying for, or towards the cost of your care before you went into hospital or you have completed a programme of reablement, you will pay a contribution to the cost of your care.

A financial assessment will be carried out to determine how much you will need to contribute to the cost of your care.

This assessment can also help determine whether you may be eligible for financial support through the welfare benefits system. e.g. Attendance Allowance.

What happens at the end of the Transitions service?

The service will support you until long term care arrangements can be put in place. The aim is to achieve this within three weeks. Any plans will only be made in consultation with you and any family or friends you want to involve.

Can I choose not to take up this service?

Yes you can. However, the aim of the service is to help you to regain independence and to work closely with you to understand how best to support you in the long term.

Cambridgeshire County Council has appointed three organisations to provide the Transitions Service on its behalf: Westminster Care; Beaumont Care; and Midas Care. 

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