Accessibility Options


The Shopmobility website provides detail about the scheme, how it can be used and where it’s available.

Online shopping

Going shopping online is now a popular option, either for food, with home deliveries or other products.

If you prefer to visit the store but then need help getting what you’ve bought home, some stores will arrange delivery for a charge.

Worried about buying safely online? – For some items, it’s possible to telephone your order and pay while you are on the telephone. Some local shops and supermarkets allow you to order groceries by telephone and have them delivered to your home.

If you are worried about online safety, visit Get Safe Online, a government funded website or ask at your local library as they may be running a course.

Equipment that can help you

The Safe and Well Cambridgeshire has equipment to help you with shopping e.g. frames with baskets, etc.

You may have a friend or relative that can help you with shopping or you can search our care and support directory for voluntary and community organisations that can help with shopping.

Shopping for you

Domiciliary care agencies don't just provide personal care services. For a fee, they can also help with shopping and other domestic chores, even if you don't need personal support. Search NHS Choices to find a provider near you and check that they meet national standards. 

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