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Everyone wants to feel safe in their home and if you are worried, it’s a good idea to find out about how to get free home checks and advice on how you can improve your home security and safety.

The Home Fire Risk Assessment Teams and the Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme can help you keep your home safe and secure if you might be at risk.

Find out how equipment and technology can help you live independently

Home security

The Bobby Scheme provides a service to older people in Cambridgeshire and intends to reduce burglary by improving home security.

The charitable scheme provides a free service to victims of burglary who have a disability or are aged 65 or more who live in Cambridgeshire, repairing minor damage done to property as the result of burglary.

For a small donation it also helps many older people who are not yet victims but who are at high risk or feel vulnerable, and vulnerable disabled people living alone, by improving home security. This may include installing peep holes, door chains, window alarms and other security devices.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing you can contact our Sensory Services team who will give you advice and support on fire safety.

Sometimes it’s useful to have the reassurance that help is at hand if you need it.  

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