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Fire safety checks

Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service provides free safe and well visits. Firefighters or trained community safety officers can visit your home. They can tell you about:

  • fire safety (they can also provide smoke detectors as necessary)
  • falls prevention
  • alcohol use
  • staying well at home
  • crime reduction, including advice on scam prevention

They will discuss the risks of fire and to look for any visible warning signs. They can also advise carers how to keep themselves and the person they care for safe, in the event of a fire. Safe and well visits are prioritised according to individual risk. Find out if you are eligible through the link below.

Apply for a safe and well visit


A person who has mental health needs may not always be aware of the dangers to themselves in relation to fire. Storing and hoarding lots of belongings, papers or rubbish can be a fire risk. If you are worried about someone's hoarding, you can arrange for a safe and well visit.

Further information

To find out more or to track the progress of your application please contact the Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service on 0800 917 99 94. 

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