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Most people want to be independent and do not want local authority social care involved in the choices, risks and decisions around how they live their lives. Those who do require support prefer to get help from within their local community, and for it to be tailored to meet their individual needs.

Based in Soham (Staploe Medical Practice patients), Neighbourhood Cares workers will help people to find support within their community. This might mean helping someone to find support to live with the effects of a stroke, or putting someone who is lonely in touch with a friendship group or social club. It could mean finding support for carers, or helping those who are struggling with bereavement. Neighbourhood Cares workers will help to create and develop new services where they are needed.

The Neighbourhood Cares worker will meet with the person to find out what they need help with, and what they want to achieve, and identify local groups and services which can help. They will then support the person in any way necessary to take up the support: by completing applications, assessments, or by accompanying them on first visits for example. This could also include working with health services to provide the support needed to prevent someone going into hospital.

The Neighbourhood Cares workers will help people over 18 years old who are not already being supported by a social care team. Please contact the teams for more information.

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