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Research by the Money Advice Service shows that although people do tend to plan for the good things in life, like buying a car or a home, many people don’t plan for the difficult or unexpected events in life, as they don’t believe, or don’t like to believe that those setbacks could happen to them.

It's never too early to start thinking about how you want your later life to be and the money you will need to live the life you want and what you can do if this doesn't go quite as planned.

The Money Advice Service has information about preparing for illness, old age and end of life.

Further information

  • Managing money: Information about money, benefits and debt.
  • Paying for care: Information about paying for care at home or residential and nursing home care.
  • Managing your affairs and making decisions: Information about how you can plan in advance for someone else to be able to make decisions about your property and affairs and/or your personal welfare, should you become unable to due to serious illness, disability or mental health problems.

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