Health and Wellbeing Board

The Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Board and Network brings together leaders from local organisations that have a strong influence on health and wellbeing, including the commissioning of health, social care and public health services.

Its focus is on planning the right services for Cambridgeshire and securing the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for all residents.

View the Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Board upcoming and recent meetings’ papers and reports, and representation.

The work of the board is guided by the Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2012-17. The strategy sets out the priorities the Health and Wellbeing Board and Network feel are the most important for local people.

In January 2015, the Cambridgeshire Health and Wellbeing Board agreed to adopt a number of our partners’ strategies and action plans that help to address the health needs identified by Cambridgeshire’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) as annexes to the strategy. 

The strategy focuses on the following six priorities to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of Cambridgeshire residents. In particular, within each of these priorities, we will work to improve the health of the poorest fastest:

  1. Ensure a positive start to life for children, young people and their families.
  2. Support older people to be independent, safe and well.
  3. Encourage healthy lifestyles and behaviours in all actions and activities while respecting people’s personal choices.
  4. Create a safe environment and help to build strong communities, wellbeing and mental health.
  5. Create a sustainable environment in which communities can flourish.
  6. Work together effectively.

Those included on the Board include councillors, county council, local councils, public health, education, GPs, Healthwatch and others.

To support the board, each district has established a local health partnership.

Annexes to joint health & wellbeing strategy

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Health & wellbeing strategy 2012-2017

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Health & wellbeing board newsletter

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Further information and resources

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) informs and underpins the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and provides a series of assessments analysing the needs of people in Cambridgeshire.

The Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) for England 2013-2016 sets out the desired outcomes for public health and how they should be measured. View the national reporting tool and local report.

View a range of other health and wellbeing data and use the interactive Cambridgeshire public health atlas.

Cambridgeshire Insight is a shared research knowledge base for the Cambridgeshire area. It allows users an easy way to access and share data, information and research for deeper insights about their local area. 

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