NHS health checks

If you’re aged 40-74, contact your local GP Surgery NOW for your FREE NHS Health Check!

If you are an employer and keen to offer your employees this FREE opportunity, contact ChangePoint on 0845 023 0370 or email: changepointcambs@everyonehealth.co.uk

The NHS health check programme aims to help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and certain types of dementia. You will be invited (once every five years) to have a check to assess your risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes and some forms of dementia and will be given support and advice to help reduce or manage that risk.

Who is it for?

Everyone between 40-74 years old, who has not already been diagnosed with one of these conditions.

What happens at the health check?

The check involves a few straightforward health tests and some simple questions about your medical history.

How do I get an NHS health check?

If you’re aged 40-74 years old and have not had an NHS health check in the last 5 years, talk to your GP and book today. It’s completely free and confidential.

If you’ve recently had your NHS health checks and want to improve your health, take a look at our healthy lifestyle pages for advice and support. They can be found via the links at the top of this page.

What do your test results mean?

High blood pressure puts you at increased risk of vascular diseases. Find out more about your blood pressure result.

High cholesterol can cause arteries to become less healthy. Find out more about your cholesterol result.

A healthy body mass index (BMI) can help to protect you against vascular diseases. Find out more about your BMI.

What next?

You'll be given personalised advice that will help you to maintain or improve your health and lower your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and dementia.

A healthy diet and regular physical activity are key to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Find out how to achieve a healthy weight.

Physical activity doesn't have to mean going to the gym. Find out how to include exercise in your daily routine. Find out more about how to get moving.

Keep your blood pressure at a healthy level by changing your diet and the amount of physical activity you do. Find out more about lowering blood pressure.

Cut down on saturated fat and get active to lower your cholesterol. Find out more about lowering cholesterol.

Find out how to increase your physical activity.

Find out the risks and help to quit smoking.

Find out ways to cut down or stop drinking or drug abuse.

Information for employers

If you are an employer and keen to offer your employees the opportunity to make a lifestyle change to feel better through improved health, contact us to find out more:

Telephone: 0845 023 0370, Monday to Friday 8am-6pm. 24 hour voicemail in operation outside of these times.
Email: changepointcambs@everyonehealth.co.uk

If you are a health professional and would like more information on how to refer into the service, look out for our regular communications via email which will be coming your way.

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