Accessibility Options

Your Personal Adviser can provide information and support with:

  • Helping you maintain, or re-establish, contact with family members or other important people from your past, including friends, previous carers, social workers, etc.
  • Providing you with a mentor or a peer mentor
  • Where appropriate, continuing contact with the ‘Independent Visitor’ you had while you were in care
  • Help maintaining or regaining contact with people special to you or who cared for you in the past, like former foster carers or social workers.

Personal relationships

We understand that having a boyfriend or girlfriend may be important to you and will offer you advice in reference to safe relationships, safe sexual relationships and cultural differences within relationships. We want you to be happy and safe and avoid situations where you might be mistreated or exploited.

Family contact

If you are already in contact with your parents, we will continue to support this. If you are not in contact with your parents and would like to be, speak with your Personal Adviser. Where possible we will help to facilitate contact between you and your parents.

We will also look to keep you connected with siblings, especially if they are still in care. If you would like contact with siblings then talk to your Personal Adviser.

If you have lost contact after seeking asylum and want to contact your family or try to find missing family members the Red Cross offer a family finding service. They help restore contact between families separated by armed conflict, disaster or migration. Your Personal Adviser can assist you in contacting them. 

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