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Disability social care

Children and young people with disabilities have the same rights as others.  We want to make sure that they and their families have the social care information, guidance and support, where needed, to help them meet their potential. Every child, young person and family is different so we will always work with you to make sure what we do is right for you and your family.

In order to determine what your needs are, we carry out an assessment. If your child has a disability they are entitled to an assessment. When we assess the needs of disabled children and young people we take into account the needs of their parents and other children in their immediate family.

A member of staff from Children’s Social Care will come and meet you and your family. We will ask your permission to talk to other people who know you and your family’s circumstances. The information we gather is used to write a report which is the assessment. After an assessment, the level of service required to meet those needs is determined by taking into account a range of factors:

  • Child’s needs
  • Child’s abilities
  • Strengths and needs of parents/carers
  • Impact of caring for the child on the family
  • Support available to the family
  • Support available to the child
  • Home environment
  • Child’s social networks

These factors will be assessed against our 'needs grid', which helps us decide what level of support a family can be allocated. The needs grid will be shared and also explained to you during the assessment. The detailed information in this eligibility criteria document will be explained during your assessment.

  • Support for children or young person to do things in their community
  • Support and training for the child or young person to develop independence and life skills appropriate to them
  • Support to meet personal care needs appropriate to them
  • The opportunity for children and families to have a short break short break
  • Support to families and carers
  • Support to think about and prepare for the future

If you are not eligible for our services, we will give you information about other sources of support.

  • Our aim is always to encourage the use of inclusive activities and services that are available to all.  We will provide information and advice about these and support children and young people to use them as independently as possible.
  • You can register with the Special needs Community Information Point (SCIP), our information and advice service for families with 0-25 year olds with a disability or additional needs.
  • For children and young people with very complex needs, specialist services will be required. These will be provided by health, education and social care working together.

This team is the first point of contact with Disability Social Care and they will carry out social work and early help assessments. Depending on the eligible needs of the child and the family the team will:

  • Develop an early help plan with the child and family and review it every six months
  • Develop a child in need plan which will be implemented and reviewed by one of the Disability Social Work Teams
  • Provide information, advice and contact details about activities, services, technology and other services that may be of use
  • Agree a plan and personal budget for children to develop skills, do activities they enjoy and prepare for adulthood.  This is called the ‘short break offer’. You can get this either through a social care assessment or via self assessment further information is on our short breaks offer page.

How resources are allocated

Following an assessment (for children up to 18 year olds), the Referral and Access Team will continue to support you and review your plans if you are eligible for short breaks funding or early help support. 

If your child and family meet the eligibility for social care support, you will work with one of the Disabled Children’s Social Care teams below. The young adults team could support some young adults up to the age of 25 to ensure a smooth transition into adult services.

You can request an assessment by calling 0345 045 5203

If you are over 18 and are not already supported by disability social care 0-25, you can request an adult social care assessment.

These teams provide social work support and care management for children and families with complex needs who meet our eligibility criteria.  The team will:

  • Work closely with you, your child and relevant others
  • Offer the option of a personalised budget to meet agreed social care needs of your child
  • Visit your child every six weeks and review their needs at least every twelve weeks
  • Update the assessment and plan every year or more often if things change
  • Support children in the care of the local authority when their needs cannot be met at home

The Young Adults Team supports young adults with a diagnosed learning disabilities and/or autism from 18 up to the age of 25 to move into adulthood, to make choices and be as independent as possible.

The team will:

  • Complete social care assessments and reviews
  • Work together with health colleagues to complete assessments related to their learning disability
  • Develop support plans for those eligible to help people meet their goals they want to achieve in adult life, for example work, interests, living arrangements, staying healthy and safe, money, friendships and being part of the community.
  • Provide advice, information and access to other services and support
  • Support the growing autonomy, choices, decision making and rights of young adults
  • Work closely with children, young people, families and others who support them before they reach 18 to enable early preparation for adulthood
  • Plan for and support the move on to other adult support as needed when the person is settled in adult life (this will be when its right for the person but must be before they are 25)

If your son or daughter has a children’s social worker already they will have a key role in preparing for adulthood and ensuring that any social care support provided is focused on thinking about and planning for the future. For some, this will also lead into identifying what support may be needed in the longer term so that the young person and their parents or carers will know what they can expect and what support they will have when transitioning into adult services. In a young person’s 16th year the children's social workers will start to work alongside the Young Adults Team so that the adult social care assessment and support planning process is completed and, for those eligible, in place for them when they turn 18.

There will be some young people who do not have a children’s social worker but who will or may need social care support as an adult. Where this is the case, the appropriate adult social care team will start working with a young person from around the age of 16 to assess eligibility and arrange adult social care support if needed.

There i general advice and support for everyone on our preparing for adulthood section within the local offer.

Involving young people, families and carers

We involve parents and carers in the development and review of our services. Please take a look at how to get involved and our latest feedback.

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