The Hub supports young people aged 12 - 25 years who are within or on the verge of the care system. Through the Hub young people are supported to remain in or move to a family based placement or successfully onto independence. To achieve this the hub replaces the traditional council-run young people's home combining residential care and fostering.

The professional support from the Hub includes residential and outreach workers as well as police colleagues, a clinician and communication support worker. The Hub makes it very easy for the young person to access dedicated support and services at the right time and without having to re-tell their stories to different agencies or teams.

We are looking for people with the patience, flexibility, passion and commitment necessary to provide a safe, nurturing, stable home environment in which young people can grow and develop. Do you want to be part of an innovative way of working and improving young people’s lives? If so, you could consider the following roles:

You will be able to provide a room within your home for young people. You will provide the support needed to support the young people as they become more independent. Placements will be planned. They could be on a short term, medium term, or short break basis dependent on the young person’s circumstances and their Care Plan.

In addition, you can apply for a Relief Hub Worker contract (subject to interview) and work in other areas of The Hub, building relationships with young people who may eventually be placed with you.

Who can become a Specialist Supported Lodgings Host?

You will be able to build relationships with young people and provide them with the support they need. You will have some experience of living or working with (and supporting) young people who have had complex and troubled backgrounds. Your home should have a spare room for the sole use of a young person and you should be willing to share your home’s facilities.

You can do this role alongside your existing employment arrangements.

You will provide accommodation and support within a family home to young people with complex needs. You will allow young people to ‘try out’ a foster style placement and get used to moving on from residential care. Placements will be planned and can be on a short term, medium term, or respite basis dependent on the young person’s circumstances and their Care Plan.

At times when you do not have a young person living in your home, you will have a Relief Hub Worker contract and work in The Hub’s residential home. You will be expected to build relationships with young people who may eventually be placed with you; this could include working with young people on the edge of care.

Who can become a Hub Specialist Family Placement Carer?

You will be able to build relationships with young people and provide them with the support they need. You will have substantial direct experience of working with or fostering young people with complex and challenging behaviour. Your home should have ample physical space to accommodate placements and you should be available on a full-time basis to meet the needs of young people.

If you are interested in either of these roles, please contact us to express an interest and find out more.  [email protected]

FAQs and further information

You will receive peer support, on-going training and financial payment. In addition you will receive: A fostering link worker and regular supervision; Trained in The Hub’s core skills; Support from The Hub’s team of workers; 24/7 support from standby managers which includes Emergency duty team; and have support from a team including a Clinician, embedded Police Officers. 

The payment for The Hub Specialist Family Placement Carer is the equivalent to the County Council Enhanced Level 6 Foster Carer of £473.06 per week while a child is in placement, with an additional allowance for the child depending on their age from £159.88 per week to £242.69 per week. When a child is not in placement you will work either within the Residential Hub or supporting young people on the edge of care or at risk of placement breakdown on a relief Hub Worker Contract which is paid on an hourly rate of £12.13 to £14.34.


The payment for The Hub Specialist Supported Lodgings Host is £280.23 a week, equivalent to an annual salary of £14,572. The majority of the payment will be from CCC with a contribution from the young person and contribution from Housing Benefit where appropriate. You will also have opportunity to work (subject to interview) within the Residential Hub on a Relief Hub Worker Contract, paid at  £12.13 to £14.34 per hour.

As a Specialist Supported Lodgings Host you will remain self-employed and will work in line with current Supported Lodgings Agreement terms and expectations when you are offering a placement for a young person placed by CCC.

To be a Hub Specialist Family Placement Carer you will be assessed as a level 6 foster carer. As such you may provide short breaks placements to young people placed in The Hub. You will be a registered foster carer and will register as self-employed for your time fostering and will work within fostering regulations and agreement.

When working in The Hub, you will be employed on a Relief Hub Worker contract. You will have supervision with your direct line manager at The Hub and they will support you and develop you in your role as Relief Hub Worker.

When there is a young person living with you in placement, the Supervising Social Worker and The Hub line manager will jointly visit you every 2 - 4 months. This will ensure there is no duplication of supervisory tasks taking into account both the Fostering Standards & Regulations and the requirements for The Hub. 

This will be negotiated with you.

We will give a commitment to offer Specialist Family Placement Carers, who do not have a child in placement, 37 hours/week relief hours in support Hub placements which equates to £448.81 - £530.58 per week.

As a Specialist Supported Lodgings Host, you will be encouraged to take on a Relief Hub Worker contract. The number of hours will be negotiated with you in order to balance with any other work commitments. You will be paid at a sessional rate of £12.13 to £14.34 per hour.

You will not be expected to have a young person living with you in a full-time placement and work at The Hub. There may be circumstances where you do not have a young person in placement and are working in The Hub and feel able to offer short breaks on a temporary basis for example for a couple of nights a week/weekend. This will be negotiated with you and the young person ensuring that any arrangement is in their best interests.

Yes you can.

Yes you can. We would work with you to ensure that you have the key requirements and areas of experience. 

Yes.  Specialist Family Placement Carer / Specialist Supported Lodgings Host are supported to attend the same core training as all members of The Hub staff team to ensure consistent approach to working with young people and to provide opportunities for team building.  There are 4 core courses; Restorative Practice, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused and Cambridgeshire Steps along with systemic training as required.  You will also have the opportunity to join reflective practice groups which are led by The Hub managers and clinician. In addition to all of this you will have access to the ongoing training programme provided by the fostering service.

The Hub is currently based in Wisbech and there are possible plans to move The Hub to Huntingdon in the centre of Cambridgeshire.  This will reduce travelling distance for young people to maintain contact with family, friends and their local communities. 

The Hub has been developed with the aim of working with young people for whom full time family placements may not necessarily be the right place for them at the current time. Some of these young people may have had multiple placement moves or may be at home with the risk that the birth family unit may break down. They may not necessarily be in full time education when first referred. The aim is, where appropriate, that with the right support the young people will either remain/return to birth family or move on/return to a family placement and re-engage with education.

If everyone is in agreement and you have built an appropriate relationship with the young person then it may be possible. 

As a Hub Relief Worker you will accrue annual leave for the hours you work as per CCC annual leave allowance. You can take a break from fostering at any time, however, you will not receive payment for the time you have no child with you.  After three months of continuous caring in your home you will be entitled to 7 days short break – this can either be taken in time (i.e.a break) or as additional fee. 

You will need to notify your home insurance provider you are having young people placed with you in case of claiming for accidental damage.  Should the young person in placement cause deliberate damage then you can claim, with support from us from Cambridgeshire County Council insurance.

We have developed the hub model based on an approach first used in North Yorkshire. Please see the person specifications below.

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