The Link team of social workers and child and family workers take responsibility for the assessment, training, monitoring and supervision of new carers. The Link social worker gets to know prospective carers very well. Through the assessment process, they ensure that new carers understand the responsibilities involved and to ensure the maximum safety for children.

We take up several references and statutory checks for each carer and other members of the household and we make several home visits to interview each member of the family. The assessment process is very thorough and takes several months to complete. Link is part of the wider Fostering Service and potential carers also attend the Skills to Foster preparation course. We then compile a report to give a clear picture of the applicant’s background and motivation which is presented to the Fostering Panel.

It is ultimately the decision of the panel to recommend approval. This recommendation is then ratified by the Agency Decision Maker before applicants are confirmed as Link carers.

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