We are committed to developing our local offer with parents / carers, young people, early years providers, schools and colleges, health partners and voluntary and community organisations. We consulted with parents and carers through events and an on-line consultation about the type of information they wanted on services and support available in preparation for publishing our online local offer. Further events were held both to feed back on the initial consultation but also to enable parents to give more detailed information building on the views already obtained.

Parents/carers have continued to inform the development of this part of the local offer through representation on the Local Offer Working Group, on-line and small group participation. Working with pinpoint, the local parent carer forum, we demonstrated the local offer online at their March network meetings, and answered questions and gathered feedback about the information. 

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All pages have a feedback option. All the feedback received about the local offer information is reviewed and used to improve and develop our local offer.
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Developing our local offer for young people

We are working on developing our information for young people. To understand what is important to young people and how they would like information to be provided, we plan to work with some local schools and colleges.

A report from some focus groups at Huntingdon Regional College and Cambridge Regional College and the Speak Out Council.
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In 2015 many parents and carers, children and young people gave their views about:

  • The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) system in general
  • What difference it has made to them
  • The changes they had seen in the past year since the SEND reforms were introduced in September 2014

This happened in various ways including:

  • Attending one of four feedback events and arranged by Cambridgeshire’s Parent Partnership or SENDIAS Service
  • Completing an online survey arranged by Cambridgeshire’s Parent Partnership or SENDIAS Service
  • Taking part in a nationally led survey about Education Health & Care Plans using the ‘Personal Evaluation and Outcome Tool’ or POET for short
  • Attending one of the five termly Pinpoint Parent Network meetings

The views and feedback help us to

  • Identify what’s working and where the gaps are
  • Improve the way we all provide support by sharing the feedback with all involved in education, health and care of children with SEND
  • Develop plans on what we need to do as a result of the feedback
  • Use this feedback as a benchmark to measure ourselves against again next year

The views and feedback help us to

Pinpoint Family Network Meetings feedback report 2015

There is also a national POET report that summarises the views of nearly 6000 young people, families, carers and workers from 70 Local Authority areas across England about the SEND reforms.  Read the national POET report.