If an Education, Health and Care needs assessment is agreed you will be asked for more information and your views about your child's needs. The Statutory Assessment and Resources Team (START) will also gather views, information and advice from your child's school or college and people who have been working and supporting them. This can take up to 6 weeks.

Drafting the EHC Plan

Once all the information has been gathered and shared, a multi-agency meeting will be held to agree what is required to meet your child's identified needs and to achieve desired outcomes. Your views and those of your child will be central to the meeting. The meeting will also look at the resources needed to help your child and how these will be provided.

The Local Authority will make a decision following the meeting whether to issue an EHC Plan or not. If the decision is not to issue a Plan then parents, young people and professionals will receive information about why. If yes, a proposed draft EHC Plan will be issued.

Once the draft EHC Plan has been produced there will be 15 days for you and your son or daughter to give your views. When the plan is finalised, the resources and funding agreed to meet your child's needs will be detailed. If your child has an EHC Plan, you will be able to request a personal budget. The EHC Plan must be finalised within 20 weeks of the request for an assessment. 

Cambridgeshire EHCNA Guidance 2019v1
Last updated September 2019
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Reviewing the EHC Plan

EHC plans must be a reviewed at least once a year (every 12 months). The timescales for review are dependent on the circumstances of each child/young person. However, the Local Authority must arrange for a review of every child/young person’s EHC Plan at least annually, beginning within 12 months of the date the EHC Plan was finalised and then within 12 months of any previous review.  If a child/young person’s needs change significantly, a review must be held as soon as possible to ensure the provision specified in the EHC Plan is still appropriate. The review paperwork should be completed and sent to the Local Authority (Statutory Assessment and Resources Team). 

If you are unhappy with a decision

There are independent disagreement resolution and mediation services that are available to help to overcome disagreements. Mediation is a requirement for those wishing to appeal to HM Courts and Tribunal Service.

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