How are Education, Health and Care Plans working for you (POET)

The Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool, or POET for short, is a quick to do questionnaire that asks how EHCPs are working and whether they have made a difference to children and young people’s lives. 

Watch a short animation introducing the Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK… Complete a questionnaire! 

Children, young people, families and carers will be sent a POET questionnaire each time their EHCP is reviewed but you can complete it online here if you wish. There are three different questionnaires and you can complete whichever is the right one for you by clicking on the links below. They are quick and easy to do, and you don’t have to give your name. 

Cambridgeshire - Easy read EHCP POET parent 2017 18 questionnaire
EHCP POET Survey 2017/18
Size: 1.66MBFile format: pdf

We have been involved for several years as part of the pilot to develop the POET questionnaires that are now used across England. We have used our results to help set our priorities and improve what happens locally but they are also used, along with results from other areas, to influence the national implementation of the SEND reforms. We have always had a really good response from families, carers, children and young people and consistently have  amongst the highest number of surveys completed in the whole country so a huge thank you to everyone who took part.

LATEST RESULTS – Interim Report September 2017 - January 2018

In Control, collated the feedback from questionnaires completed between September 2017 and the end of January 2018, which are available to read below.

The reports show our local responses and compares them to the national picture. We are pleased to see that overall this feedback shows that we are in line with or performing better than the national picture. We are particularly pleased to see the high numbers of parents and carers and young people reporting that their views were included in the EHCP.

We will be comparing this recent summary with our responses from the last two years to look at progress and will publish the information on this page.

The feedback is being used to inform the SEND strategy and action plan going forward..

There are three POET reports:  

Cambridgeshire Local POET CYP report July 17
Feedback from 67 Children and Young People from Cambridgeshire
Size: 336KBFile format: pdf
Cambridgeshire Local POET Parent report July 17
Feedback from 106 parents and carers
Size: 344KBFile format: pdf
Cambridgeshire local POET PRACTITIONER report July 17
Feedback from 137 practitioners
Size: 236KBFile format: pdf