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NHS Continuing Care is provided to a small group of children and young people with complex health needs up to the age of 18 who need a tailored package of community support.

A child or young person may be eligible for continuing care where local universal and specialist services are unable to meet the child and family’s needs. The child or young person will have needs or behaviours, which are complex, intense, unpredictable and which present a level of risk to themselves or others.
Eligibility for health funding through Continuing Care is decided by using a Decision Support Tool this covers 10 areas, which are called Care Domains. There are descriptions within each care domain of different levels that range from low needs to severe and priority needs.
You can find out more about these and Continuing Care in the National Framework for Children and Young People's Continuing Care (pdf, 560kb) published by the Department for Health. If your child is eligible for Continuing Care an individual care package will be agreed and organised, sometimes this can happen very quickly within a few days. However children who are eligible for continuing care have complex needs and developing the right package of support in a safe way, can take time.

Professionals working with your child will talk to you about Continuing Care. However, if you think your child may be eligible for continuing care, talk to your child’s social worker, children’s community nursing team, or specialist nurse within your child’s hospital.

Young people over the age of 18 will be considered under NHS Continuing Healthcare for adults. You can find out more about NHS Continuing Healthcare for adults on NHS Choices 

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