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Disabled Children have the same rights as other children. We want to make sure that they grow up with the right support, so that they have the same opportunities as other children to lead fulfilling lives. Our working description of disability is: 'the needs of the disabled child or young person are beyond those of a non-disabled child of the same age and means they are likely to require lifelong support in the future from statutory services'.

The Disabled Children’s Social Care Service is responsible for assessing the needs of disabled children and young people up to the age of 18. For those who meet the eligibility criteria for services we can provide:

  • the opportunity for children and families to have a short break
  • support for the child or young person to access their community
  • support and training to develop independence skills appropriate to their age
  • support in meeting a young person's personal care needs appropriate to their age


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Disabled Children’s Social Care Service leaflet

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We encourage and support the use of inclusive and universal activities and services, such as Child and Family Centres, nurseries and childcare providers, schools and colleges, leisure activities and health services.  Families are encouraged to register with the Special needs Community Information Point (SCIP) our information and advice service for families with 0-19 year olds with a disability or additional needs.

For children and young people with very complex needs, specialist services will be required. These will be provided by health, education and social care working together.

We involve parents and carers in the development and review of our services through working with pinpoint, a parent led network. We also work with Voiceability to hear young people’s views and feedback.

Contact us

You can request an assessment by calling: 0345 045 5203.

Disabled Children's Early Help team

Buttsgrove Centre
38 Buttsgrove Way
PE29 1LY
Telephone: 01480 379 800
Email: [email protected] 

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