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If you request an assessment from us, we will look at: 

  • your child's needs
  • your environment and support networks
  • agree the outcomes that need to happen as a result of the assessment

We will also aim to identify any risks or concerns, how serious these are and what the outcome might be if help is not provided.  Your needs as a carer will also be discussed as part of the assessment.

If you are eligible for services 

If your child and family meet the eligibility for services, you will work with one of the teams who make up Disabled Children’s Social Care:

  • Disabled Children’s Teams
  • Disabled Children's Social Work units 
  • Disabled Children's Early Help team (formerly the Short Breaks team)  

Your social worker will agree a support plan and outcomes with you. This will include allocating resources or budget for your child’s needs. If you are not eligible for our services, we will give you information about other sources of support.

Agreeing and allocating resources

The process for agreeing and allocating resources for individual children and young people differs depending on the amount:

  • Personal Budgets up to £20,000 per year per child can be agreed by the Disabled Childrens Social Care Service Managers. 
  • Personal Budgets above £20,000 per year per child agreed by the Disabled Childrens Social Care Service Managers, in consultation with the SEND Lead Social Care Manager.

To ensure consistent and fair allocation of services based on need across the disability service, the Disabled Children's Panel monitors plans and where additional or greater resources are required, this group will refer to other decision making panels, usually TARP (Threshold to Resources Panel) or County Resourcing Panel.


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