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Feedback summary - April to September 2018

We have a questionnaire that children and young people can complete on their own or with help to tell us what they think about the social care support they get.

We asked children and young people if the support they have and activities they do:

  • helps to make new friends
  • helps them to have fun 
  • helps to learn new things
  • helps to build on skills they already have
  • helps with feeling more confident
  • helps spend time away from family
  • helps with getting out and about where they live

We also asked about the sort of things children and young people are doing and what they like and don’t like about them.

Between April and September 2018,  52 young people filled in the questionnaire.

Thank you to everyone who answered the questions, told us what they think and drew pictures.

We are pleased that nearly all the children and young people said the support they get and the things they are doing helps them in these areas and that they are mostly enjoying the things they do

You can see what children and young people said below.

Contact for further information

Siobhan MacBean
SEND Development Manager
Telephone: 01223 699 041
Email: [email protected]

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