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The Disabled Children’s Units, Teams and the Early Help Team gather feedback from the families and carers of the children and young people we support. We really want to know what people think about the support they receive and the difference it makes to them and their child.

We send a questionnaire to every family once a year and collate the results every 6 months. The most recent feedback is for the period from April 2016 until the end of September 2016. We received 114 completed questionnaires in that time.

We are really pleased to see positive feedback about the way we are working with families and the support they and their children are getting.

Overall families were still saying that they feel listened to, involved in the development of their child’s plan and that it mostly meets the needs of the child and family. There were many examples given of children and young people doing all sorts of different activities and the benefits they get from doing them, such as increasing independence, having new experiences, learning new skills and gaining confidence as well as enjoying themselves. Many parents commented on the benefits to them, their family and the child or young person on being able to spend some time apart with having time to send with other children frequently mentioned.  There were also many positive comments about staff in the teams and the support provided.

There are examples given of children and young people having new experiences and learning new things that help them progress on to other things such as playing with other children and trying out new clubs.  There were more comments this time about how support helps with  preparing for adulthood and developing skills and experiences for the future.

Lack of suitable activities, facilities and things to do for children with disabilities was not mentioned so much this time but it is an area we know needs ongoing work to maintain and develop.

Areas that we will be focusing on based on the feedback are continuing to support the development of suitable things for children and young people to do, making sure people know about them, addressing delays and continuing to do the things that people value.

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Siobhan MacBean, Service Development Manager for Disabled Children’s Services
Telephone: 01223 699 041
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Detail on the feedback received and things we are doing as a result.

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