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The Disabled Children’s Early Help Team enables disabled children and young people to develop the skills to Prepare for Adulthood, to access community activities and to increase independence skills. This is achieved through an allocation of a personal budget that can be used for agreed activities or support. This support will provide the carer with a short break.

Short Breaks Duty Statement 2017/18

This policy is currently being reviewed and will be replace by mid January 2019.

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There are two ways to access early help funding

Through the Disabled Children's Early Help team  

If your child or young person doesn't receive services from social care and has high rate Disability Living Allowance (Care Component) or the enhanced rate Personal Independence Payment (PIP), you have an automatic entitlement to our local short breaks offer. You will receive a personalised budget of up to £2,000 that can be used for agreed activities and support.

To access this, you will need to telephone our Contact Centre on 0345 045 5203. They will make a referral on your behalf to the Disabled Children's Early Help team, who will then make contact with you. As part of the process, you will need to complete a self-assessment form. A copy of the form is published below for your information. When the time comes for you to complete the self-assessment form, it will be provided to you by the Early Help team. 


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Early Help Self-directed-support plan

Updated October 2017

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The Self Directed Support Price Guide

The Self Directed Support Price Guide describes our short break services or those we commission and provides detailed information on costs. This is not an exhaustive list of activities and services that are available in the local community.

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Short Breaks Equipment catalogue 2013

Information on accessible leisure facilities and equipment available for loan

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Through a social work assessment

If your child or young person has a disability and will require lifelong support from statutory services, their social work assessment may indicate that they are eligible for early help funding of up to £2000, or an enhanced offer through Early Help Plus funding. Early Help Plus enables an increased personal budget over £2000 to meet assessed needs. Early Help Plus has a robust reviewing system in place to ensure that needs continue to be met. Social work manager oversight is available to young people and their families within the Early Help Plus offer.

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