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Disabled young people have the same rights as other young people. We want to make sure that as they grow up and move towards adulthood they have the right support and opportunities to think about and prepare for their future and adulthood. There will be many people in a young person’s life who will contribute to and support this. Preparation should be from as early as possible but at least by the age of 14 years and should be focussed on outcomes that are important to the young person, covering areas such as:

  • learning to be independent
  • preparing for work
  • doing things that interest and satisfy them
  • future living and support arrangements
  • good health and well-being
  • money
  • having friends and being part of the community

If your son or daughter has a children’s social worker already they will have a key role in ensuring this happens and that any social care support provided is focussed on thinking about and planning for the future. For some, this will also lead into identifying what support may be needed in the longer term from adult social care services so that the young person and their parents or carers will know what they can expect and what support they will have. In a young person’s 16th year the children's social workers will start to use the adult social care assessment and care and support planning process, so that young people and their families will know in plenty of time what social care support will be in place for them when they turn 18. The appropriate identified Adult Social Care Team will provide support as young people turn 18.

There will be some young people who do not have a children’s social worker but who will or may need social care support as an adult. Where this is the case, the appropriate adult social care team will start working with a young person from around the age of 16 to assess eligibility and arrange adult support if needed.

If you feel you may need social care support when you become an adult or are the parent or carer of someone who may, you can talk to school or other staff who support you and they will be able to refer you on or contact us through the contact centre on 0345 045 5203. Social care support to young people and adults over 18 is assessed for and provided under the Care Act 2014. There is a helpful overview of the Care Act on the Adult Care and Support section of our website, with fact sheets, a short film and a link to the full act.

Find out more about other aspects of preparing for adulthood such as further and higher education, employment and training, housing and independent living, travel and being involved in the community.

You can find useful information for parents and carers of young people and adults with SEND.

Contact for further information

Siobhan MacBean, Service Development Manager for Disabled Children’s Services
Telephone: 01223 699 041
Email: [email protected]  

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