Information and advice (SCIP)

SCIP (Special needs Community Information Point) is an information and advice service for families with 0-25 year olds with a disability or additional needs. By joining SCIP you get

  • SCIP Card
  • Activities Passport
  • Email updates on local events and activities
  • Information booklets on local activities/support by area
  • Request information specific to your child
  • Carers Magazine
  • The SCIP Co-ordinator can also be contacted for information specific to your family's needs. 

The SCIP card

The SCIP card can help to show that your child/young person has a disability or additional need. You need to be on the SCIP Database to get a SCIP Card.  It can be used:

  • as proof that your child /young person has a disability
  • if they need to use facilities provided for disabled people
  • if you need to ask for assistance.
Size: 50KBFile format: pdf

Activity Passport

This booklet will help you to provide essential information about your child when they are going to an activity such as; scouts, play schemes, organised activities, etc. The Passport can hold information about your child’s medication, likes and dislikes, and emergency contacts.

SCIP Activities Passport
Size: 597KBFile format: pdf
SCIP Passport how to add pdf image
Size: 288KBFile format: pdf

How do we use your information?

The Children Act of 1989 requires all County Councils to keep an up to date list of disabled children and young people in their areas. In Cambridgeshire SCIP was set up to do this. Information you provide is used to gather information about the needs and services required by children, young people and their families which helps with the future planning of services.

By joining SCIP you influence the planning process by informing service providers of your child’s needs now and in the future. The information you provide about the services your child requires are vital for the planning and funding of services in the future.

SCIP Co-ordinator

Joan Adamson 
Telephone: 01480 379 827