SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)

The Parent Partnership Service providing Cambridgeshire's SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) offers impartial and confidential information, advice and support to parents and carers who have a child or young person with special educational needs (SEN) or a disability or have concerns that their child has special educational needs. They also offer impartial and confidential information, advice and support to young people and children with special educational needs (SEN) or a disability or who have concerns they may have special educational needs.

SENDIASS can help you with

  • Confidential support and someone to talk to in confidence
  • Advice and information about special educational needs
  • Independent Support for children, young people and families as Statements are transferred to EHC Plans
  • Preparing for meetings with your child’s school or with professionals who are working with your child
  • Information on your rights and responsibilities as a parent, children’s rights and SEN law and guidance
  • Information about local support groups and voluntary organisations

Videos, policies, reports and information leaflets

Four videos about the SENDIASS service

Understanding support for children and young people with SEND video

SEND Tribunal videos

Cambridgeshire SENDIASS, along with other SENDIASS in the Eastern Region, have been working with Suffolk to produce videos for parents providing information and advice about appealing to SEND Tribunal. The first two series are now available.

Where any reference is made to Suffolk SENDIASS or departments you should refer to Cambridgeshire SENDIASS - contact details are at the bottom of this page.

There is also an HM Courts and Tribunals Service film on video hearings and the SEND tribunal.

Policies and statements

Size: 127KBFile format: pdf
SENDIASS Impartiality Policy CFA 2014 2019110KBpdf
Size: 110KBFile format: pdf
SENDIASS Confidentiality Policy CFA 2014 2019105KBpdf
Size: 105KBFile format: pdf
SENDIASS service level agreement99KBpdf
Size: 99KBFile format: pdf

Annual reports

Cambridgeshire SENDIASS 2018-19 Annual Report331KBpdf
Size: 331KBFile format: pdf
SENDIASS annual report 2017-18222KBpdf
Size: 222KBFile format: pdf
2016-17 SENDIASS Annual Report final 29-05-18211KBpdf
Size: 211KBFile format: pdf
Size: 124KBFile format: pdf

SENDIASS information leaflets

Size: 105KBFile format: pdf
Size: 152KBFile format: pdf
Size: 105KBFile format: pdf
Size: 147KBFile format: pdf
Independent_Support (1)69KBpdf
Size: 69KBFile format: pdf
Size: 143KBFile format: pdf
Size: 169KBFile format: pdf
Size: 142KBFile format: pdf
Size: 487KBFile format: pdf
Parents_Check_List_for_Statutory_Assessment (1)38KBpdf
Size: 38KBFile format: pdf
Size: 135KBFile format: pdf
Size: 140KBFile format: pdf
Size: 127KBFile format: pdf
Size: 146KBFile format: pdf
Size: 121KBFile format: pdf
Visiting_a_new_school___a_parent_s_checklist (1)130KBpdf
Size: 130KBFile format: pdf
Size: 136KBFile format: pdf
Size: 171KBFile format: pdf
Parent Pack Covid-19740KBpdf
Size: 740KBFile format: pdf
Benefits Advice factsheet55KBpdf
Size: 55KBFile format: pdf

SENDIASS newsletter

SENDIASS E-newsletter 19-01-07128KBpdf
Size: 128KBFile format: pdf

Contact us

SEND Information, Advice and Support (SENDIASS) 
Cambridgeshire County Council, ALC2630, New Shire Hall, Emery Crescent, Enterprise Campus, Alconbury Weald, Huntingdon, PE28 4YE

Email -

Confidential helpline open during term times: 01223 699 214

Outside of term time please leave a message as a small number of staff are available to answer queries but it will take time for them to respond to your enquiry. 

SENDIASS was previously called Parent Partnership.