Early Support aims to improve the way that services work with parents and carers of disabled children. 

Who is Early Support for? 

Children 0 - 5 years old with significant and complex additional needs or disability who require on-going specialist support from across education, health and care. This includes children who have great difficulty communicating, have sensory, learning or physical difficulties and/or complex health needs. All will need additional support with many aspects of their daily lives and it is probable that there will be a lifelong impact on their development and learning.

What is Early Support?

A way of working which aims to improve access and delivery of services to children and families by:

  • keeping families and children at the centre of decision making and putting their needs first
  • providing the framework for professionals to work together and support families right from the start
  • having a single point of contact for families and professionals to co-ordinate services and information
  • 'Team around the Family' meetings for parents and professionals to plan together and co-ordinate services and support which avoids duplication
  • ensuring families have access to the information they need
  • identifying with parents, a named lead professional

What is a Lead Professional in Early Support ? 

All families can have a lead professional who is a person already known to them. They can support the family by:

  • being a first point of contact
  • assisting with the planning and co-ordination of services
  • ensuring that the families have the information they need
  • helping families use local services e.g. Children's Centres, health services, play groups 

How do I find out more?

There are three Early Support co-ordinators who support the administration of Early Support and assist Lead Professionals by:

  • being the central contact point to co-ordinate all referrals received from practitioners such as health workers, social care or early years setting.
  • providing information and Early Support resources
  • arranging appointments and supporting the co-ordination of services
  • supporting arrangements for multi-agency 'Team Around the Family' meetings; ensuring Family Support Plans are developed, updated and shared

Please contact the Early Support co-ordinator in the area you live for more information, help and support.

Jen Deacon, Cambridge City and South Cambs
Tel: 01223 884 491 Email: [email protected]

Nadine Rider, East Cambs and Fenland
Tel: 01945 488 048 Email: [email protected]

Linda Bedrikovs, Huntingdon
Tel: 01480 418 646  Email: [email protected]

Early Support Pathway and Guidance

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Early Support Annual report

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Early Support - Family File

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Early Support Leaflet

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