If your child has a medically diagnosed visual impairment which cannot be corrected by wearing glasses, they may need additional support to help them achieve their potential. You child's ophthalmologist will normally refer you to the Visual Impairment team to ensure that they receive specialist help with their education and learning.

The Visual Impairment team are specialist teachers and other qualified staff who can work with you and your child throughout their education: from early years until they leave school or college. We also work closely with other professionals who may be working with you and your child.

How we can help

When your child starts school a qualified teacher of the visually impaired can offer you advice and information to help you make your choice. They can discuss with you the level of support your child will need and the range of specialist equipment available. The team can also advise the school on how best to work with your child, provide practical advice on access to written information and the school curriculum and ensure that they are supported to achieve their potential. The team also provide orientation and mobility ('habilitation') training including early movement skills, cane training and route learning delivered by a qualified Children's Mobility Instructor.

How you can be involved

Your views and opinions are always important to us. We are in the process of evolving our Parents Forum meetings to support co-production between the Sensory Support Team,  parents/carers and children/young people. We advertise these events via email, letters and in our termly newsletters.

For more information, please email [email protected]

Further information

You can also find details of support services for children with a visual impairment in the Family Information Directory.  Camsight also provide help for children, young people and their families with support, activities and advice. RNIB also provide resources  and an advice service

Eye Contact Newsletter - December 2017

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Sensory Support Team Leaflet 2018

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Cortical or Cerebral Visual Impairment

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