Information for parents and carers of teenagers and young adults

We have gathered together here some information that may be of use to parents and carers as young people approach and enter adulthood.

Special Educational Needs and Disability information

Contact a Family have a leaflet summarising how the Special Educational Needs and Disability reforms require us all to support young people as they prepare for and enter adulthood.

Support for parents and carers

Pinpoint run a Preparing for Adulthood Support Group and also run sessions for parents and carers about various things to do with supporting young people as they become adults. More details and the dates of future sessions can be found on pinpoint's website.

Caring Together (previously known as Carers Trust) provides information, advice and support for carers in Cambridgeshire, including  Family Carers Prescriptions and the What If?, planning for an emergency service .

Advocacy for young adults

Voiceability run an independent advocacy service for adults who receive care or support, or who may need to.  More information is available on Voiceability's website or talk to your social worker or care manager about this.

Disability services for adults in Cambridgeshire

Information on services for adults can be found on our adults' disability support webpages

Information about safeguarding adults

If you are worried about the safety of an adult or older person, the Worried about an adult page explains more about safeguarding and how to report your concerns. 

Information about the Mental Capacity Act and supporting young adults

The Mental Capacity Act is designed to make a real difference to the lives of people who lack mental capacity. It empowers people to make decisions for themselves where possible, and provides a flexible framework  putting people at the heart of the decision-making process.

Supporting people: Using the Mental Capacity Act - a guide for family and friends

Mental Capacity Act resource pack - for family carers of people with a learning disability

You can find out more about the Mental Capacity Act,  how we meet the requirements in Cambridgeshire and local support on the adults and older people section of our website. 

Money fact sheets for family carers

Dosh, an independent organisation who provide financial advocacy, information and advice for adults with learning disabilities have also produced some factsheets for family carers who are, or will be, involved with managing money for an adult relative.  They cover things like benefits, banking and appointeeship.

Read Dosh factsheets for family carers

There is also a booklet called ‘The Dosh Guide to Money’ that may be of use when talking to young people about money.

Read The Dosh Guide to Money

Benefits advice and information

There are fact sheets about benefits for people of all ages, including about changes that happen as children become adults, and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) -  which are updated on a regular basis.

Our Welfare Benefits Advice Team will be able to answer any questions you have about benefits and can assist with filling in benefit application forms. They offer this advice and support to adults, those supporting adults and to parents and carers of children. They can be contacted on 01353 612926.

Disability Cambridgeshire and Disability Huntingdonshire (DISH) provide information and advice on benefits to people of all ages.