Children in work or entertainment

There is legislation in place to protect children who are of compulsory school age and who work part-time or who are involved in entertainment, sporting activities or modelling.

Children in work

The child employment leaflet explains the type of work and hours that children (who are of compulsory school age) are legally allowed to do. The law states that a child is of compulsory school age up to the last Friday in June in the academic year in which they turn 16. If your child finds a part-time job they will need to apply for a work permit from the Council, which must be signed by you as parents / carers, their employer and their school (not required during school holidays).

Child employment leaflet

Information for employers and parents / carers.

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Application for a work permit

For the employment of a school-aged child.

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Children in entertainment

There are regulations covering children working in entertainment (this covers children from birth to end of compulsory school leaving age), which includes restrictions on the working hours / breaks. The performance hours and breaks table shows details of these restrictions.

The children in entertainment leaflet provides guidance to parents and production companies with regards to children performing in the entertainment industry and the process of applying for a performance licence.

Children in entertainment must be in the care of their legal guardian / parent or an approved chaperone at all times. The information for chaperone leaflet provides further guidance on the responsibilities and duties of the chaperone.

More information on child employment and entertainment can be found on GOV.UK or by calling the Child Employment Team on 01354 750 166.

Performance licence and work permit application forms can be submitted via email to: [email protected].

Performance times for children in entertainment

Children in entertainment - restrictions in relation to all performances.

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Children in entertainment leaflet

Licensing children who are engaged in theatre, TV, film, sport or modelling.

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Information for chaperones leaflets

Information for chaperones of children in entertainment, modelling and paid sport.

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