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Home education

Deciding to educate your child at home is an important decision which requires a great deal of thought and consideration. This form of education, sometimes known as 'education otherwise', is referred to by the Council as Elective Home Education (EHE). 

Parents or carers are legally responsible for ensuring that their child receives an education. Children educated at home are not required to follow the National Curriculum but should receive an effective education appropriate to their individual needs and aspirations. It would be expected that there would be:

  • access to appropriate resources
  • the opportunity to interact with other children and adults

Parents may wish to consider

  • an effective education ensures that a child acquires attitudes, skills and knowledge to prepare him/her for the challenges and demands of a rapidly changing world
  • a broad education introduces a child to a range of material, which will stimulate the child and help develop an open rather than a closed mind
  • a balanced education ensures that no one single subject area takes up so much time that there is insufficient room for others, or for the creative use of leisure

Parents are not required to inform the authority of their intention to home educate if the child:

  • is of pre-school age,
  • has never been registered at school, or
  • you are already home educating and have moved into the authority.

It would be advisable to make contact with us if your child is of statutory school age, as we can provide information, guidance and support if required.  Also by registering with us this would prevent any confusion in relation to your child being considered a Children Missing Education.

Parents are not required to inform the school of their decision to withdraw their child to be home educated. However, by not providing the school with this information the parent is potentially at risk of prosecution for non-school attendance or the child falling into the scope of the local authority's Children Missing from Education statutory duties. We would suggest therefore that you write or email formally to the head teacher if you plan to take your child out of school to be home educated.
The school must accept a formal letter/email to off roll, if you’re taking your child out completely. Schools are obliged, not the parent, to inform the local authority whenever a child is removed from its register to be home educated. The school will therefore inform us of your decision to home educate and de-register your child from the school roll. The Elective Home Education Office will be in contact within 15 working days from the date of the school referral.
If you have decided to home educate due to school based issues then please discuss this with the Head teacher or a member of the Senior Leadership team to allow the opportunity for your areas of concern to be addressed.  This will also enable the school to seek support from the local authority if appropriate.

You can send your child back to school at any time. You will need to apply for a school place, places aren’t guaranteed.
Contact the school admissions team at [email protected] for information and advice.

Flexi-schooling is where a child is educated at school part of the time and at home for the rest. Flexi-schooling is different from a child being offered a reduced timetable to support them to reintegrate into full time education, or children receiving alternative provision.

Parents who wish to consider flexi-schooling should first contact the head teacher of their child’s school (or if their child is not registered at a school then the head teacher of the nearest local age appropriate school). The head teacher of a school may accommodate flexi-schooling if he/she so wishes but is under no legal obligation to do so. 

For further information please see our information sheet on flexi-schooling.

Cambridgeshire School Immunisation Team offers school-aged children their eligible vaccinations, including nasal flu, HPV, the teenage booster and Meningitis ACWY. Age groups vary each year. Elective home educated children are entitled to these vaccinations, which are not available at GP surgeries routinely. For more information, please contact the team via email: [email protected].

The online forms below are only to be completed upon receipt of a letter from Cambridgeshire County Council confirming the Local Authority are aware that your child is being home educated.  If you require further information about how to register your child with the Local Authority for Elective Home Education please contact us via the details below

Initial Information form

Annual Review Information form

The Elective Home Education Team

We can help if you need further information or if you are considering educating your child at home.
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01223 703 542

Flexi-schooling information

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